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Board Financials

The El Camino Hospital Board of Directors provides oversight and governance for the organization’s financial leadership, ensuring that financial decisions and stewardship align with our mission and vision to deliver high-quality, innovative care to our communities. Financial reports, budget presentations and district audits are open records and the public is invited to review the documents presented at board meetings.

El Camino Hospital & Affiliates - Budget Presentations

The budget for El Camino Hospital and Affiliates follows an annual cycle, with the fiscal year starting July 1 and ending June 30.

Budget Presentations

FY2021 Budget
FY2020 Budget
FY2019 Budget
FY2018 Budget
FY2017 Budget

Board of Directors Financial Presentations

The following files contain the slides presented at the regular Board of Directors meetings, held monthly at Mountain View Hospital (El Camino Hospital).

For more details or to view the video presentation of these slides, visit the El Camino Hospital Board of Directors archive section of this website.

Period 1

Financial Presentations




Pending Period 12 Period 12
Pending Period 11 Period 11
Pending Period 10 Period 10
Pending Period 9 Period 9
Pending Period 8 Period 8
Pending Period 7 Period 7
Pending Period 6 Period 6
Pending Period 5 Period 5
Pending Period 4 Period 4
Pending Period 3 Period 3
Pending Period 2 Period 2
Period 1 Period 1 Period 1




Period 12 Period 12 Period 12
Period 11 Period 11 Period 11
Period 10 Period 10 Period 10
Period 9 Period 9 Period 9
Period 8 Period 8 Period 8
Period 7 Period 7 Period 7
Period 6 Period 6 Period 6 (See period 7)
Period 5 Period 5 Period 5
Period 4 Period 4 Period 4 (See period 5)
Period 3 Period 3 (See period 5) Period 3 (See period 5)
Period 2 Period 2 Period 2
Period 1 Period 1 Period 1 (See period 2)


El Camino Healthcare District Audits

Independent Auditor's Reports including Consolidated Financial Statements with Supplemental Information are located on the El Camino Healthcare District web site. Financial information for each separate entity in the District, including El Camino Hospital and Affiliates, are shown in the supplemental schedules of these reports.

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