Pain Management at End of Life: Enhancing Nurses’ Self-Efficacy


Pain Management at End of Life: Enhancing Nurses' Self-Efficacy

Author: Rose Conde, MSN, FNP-C

Background: Studies have shown that pain and suffering are the most distressing and feared symptoms at end of life. (Morrison & Meier, 2003) The purpose of this study to equip nurses with knowledge and skills to increase self-efficacy in pain management at end of life. The intervention will be a series of 3, 30-45 minutes pain management classes, and observation with audit and feedback strategies for RNs taking care of comfort care patients. Outcomes data will compare pre and post Pain Management Self-Efficacy Questionnaire (PMSEQ) questionnaire scores and compare pre and post pain documentation of pain.

Methodology: Participation is voluntary. The study will be open to all nurses on 2C approximately 50, and on 4B approximately 48.