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Emotional Well-Being

Because mental health is a vital component of overall health, the Chinese Health Initiative has a program to promote emotional well-being in the Chinese community.


Emotion Management「情緒管理」

Emotional Well-Being


Chinese Health Initiative's Emotional Well-Being Program features bilingual, culturally sensitive, community focused education and resources to help manage the natural ups and downs of life, improve the ability to make positive life choices, and positively influence physical and emotional well-being.

Enhance Your Emotional Well-Being Webinars

Workshops conducted in Mandarin by clinical psychologist Wei-Chien Lee, PhD

The pandemic and a rapidly changing environment has had a substantial impact on our lives, causing an increase in mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression. We all respond to adversity in different ways, but learning to build resilience can help us adjust and adapt during difficult times. Dr. Wei-Chien Lee, a skilled clinical psychologist, will describe interpersonal relationships and self-care as they relate to emotional wellbeing. Using case studies, she will outline practical suggestions that can strengthen physical and emotional well-being.

Recordings now available: 

Watch all previous CHI videos on YouTube.

For a list of all other events and classes, click here.

Mindful Self-Care Series

Developed by the Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care (CACCC) and the Zen Caregiving Project (ZCP). A six-week workshop to experience how to take care of ourselves to improve overall physical and mental health. Covers mindfulness, cultivating compassion, self-care, mindful communication, maintaining healthy boundaries and building resilience through sharing. This training is conducted in Mandarin.

Upcoming dates:

For registration and more information, visit the CACCC website.


An ancient Chinese mind-body practice that promotes physical mental, and emotional health. Through mindful movement of the body, Qigong can increase energy, improve mood, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Watch Dayan Qigong Demo to learn more (conducted in Mandarin).

For a list of all upcoming events and classes, click here.

Emotional Well-Being Resources

Resources related to specific emotional well-being areas. Watch for frequent updates and additions to these sites.

Well-Being Tips

Everyone encounters challenging times in their lives, when certain situations can cause distress or sadness. Fortunately, there are simple, everyday things a person can do to make life better.

Watch for monthly bilingual tips about everyday approaches to help you build resiliency and positively influence your physical and emotional well-being. Learn more.

Month Topic
January Practice Mindfulness
February Happiness Happens
March Sleep Awareness
April Stress & Anxiety Awareness
May Mental Health Awareness/Depression
June Boundary Setting
July Self-Care
August 3 Steps to Outsmart Stress
September Building a Social Network
October Anxiety and Your Health
November Substance Use during Uncertain Times   
December Navigating Holidays during uncertain times

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