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Substance Use

When substance use changes normal behaviors or interferes with everyday responsibilities and relationships, it may indicate a substance use disorder – a common mental wellness issue.



These resources can help identify the difference between health and unhealthy substance use and provide helpful guidance and strategies for recognizing and addressing potential issues.

Substance Use during Uncertain Times

Persons who are isolated and stressed – as much of the population has been during the past two years – frequently turn to substances to alleviate their negative feelings.

Experts advise against excessive use of substances such as alcohol or marijuana to help reduce stress, anxiety, and loneliness.  While drugs and alcohol may help you feel calm in the short term, they may heighten fear, anxiety, withdrawal, and depression in the long term.  

Positive coping mechanisms have healthier long-term outcomes.  Fortunately, there are a lot of good options that you can try.  Check out these 8 tips and add your own healthy ideas to the list.

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