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AIM to Prevent


AIM to Prevent™: Addressing the Twin Epidemics of Diabetes and Heart Attack

South Asians or those from the countries of the Indian subcontinent, have a higher incidence, more severe presentation and earlier onset of diabetes and heart attacks compared to the general population, despite being mostly vegetarian, non-smoking and not obese.


Risk of Heart Disease


Heart Attacks before 55


Risk of Diabetes

AIM to Prevent is an evidence based and culturally tailored program to help you evaluate you risk profile and create sustainable lifestyle behaviors to reduce risk and prevent or reverse disease. This three-step program includes:

  • Assess with advanced and comprehensive screening to uncover hidden risks
  • Intervene with culturally-appropriate Lifestyle MEDS™ counseling, and
  • Manage with personalized, heart health coaching.

AIM to Prevent is a lifetime membership and investment in your health, featuring:

  • Comprehensive, state of the art, health-risk assessment
  • Clinical review of your risk profile and personalized Lifestyle MEDS plan
  • 4 workshops on nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction
  • Experts in culturally tailored lifestyle coaching
  • 12 appointments with your personal health coach over 1 year
  • Lifelong, complimentary risk profile update follow-ups every year

Why Join AIM to Prevent?

In addition to comprehensive risk profiling, our participants highly value regular conversations with their personal health coach for achieving and maintaining lifestyle changes they struggled with on their own. Among various other reasons, these are some of the most important considerations:

  • Reduce risk for heart attack, diabetes, and stroke
  • Prevent onset or progression of diabetes
  • Improve the lipid profile
  • Lower blood sugars or A1c
  • Lose weight
  • Make sustainable lifestyle changes

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Lifestyle MEDS™









At the core of AIM to Prevent are the four pillars of Lifestyle MEDS, a science-based, simple yet structured platform of workshops, resources, handouts, and personalized coaching techniques, tips, and support for long-term and sustained behavior change.

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As part of the program, the Center’s staff may suggest certain laboratory and imaging testing to be performed and will share your personal information with third party vendors to assist in analysis of health data or applicable interventions. The Center is not a health care provider and you should follow up with your personal physician regarding any laboratory results.

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