Community Benefit Annual Report FY 2022

Community Health Investment

El Camino Healthcare District

$7.7M Grants & Sponsorships

El Camino Health

$95M Total Community Benefit
$3.3M Grants & Sponsorships

Our Commitment to Community Health

The steadfast support to our community during fiscal year 2022 has never been greater. We saw the return to in-person services and in-person school as our community moved through ever-evolving phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our grant program partners continued to provide critical services to improve the health and well-being of the most vulnerable in our community, including disadvantaged families, at-risk youth, unhoused individuals, older adults and immigrants. During the year, demand rebounded for basic care such as immunizations, dental care, routine check-ups and screenings. Mental health challenges increased, especially in schools among students returning from long periods of remote learning and isolation. Food and housing insecurity persisted. The work of our grant partners became even more critically important to our community.

Our commitment to supporting community health has not wavered. Under our governing leadership, El Camino Healthcare District and El Camino Health invested $11 million in 140 grants and sponsorships for fiscal year 2022.

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