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Parijat (paa-ree-jaath')


Parijat’s pregnancy had been challenging from the very beginning, with early contractions, ER visits and a host of other complications. And then, real trouble arrived. “I thought it was just another ER visit,” she says, “just another crazy scare.” Only 22 weeks into her pregnancy, she was admitted to the hospital, and 15 days later her son was born. “He was so tiny!” she says. “One pound, five ounces and only 11-1/2 inches long!” Fortunately, Parijat and her newborn son were at the right place—El Camino Hospital.

We’re redefining the role of a community hospital with a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where highly trained experts, including respiratory therapists, help premature babies gain a critical foothold on life. And, eventually, experience the joy of going for long walks with their moms. This is exceptional mother and baby care, delivered to Parijat and her precious baby boy in the most personal way possible. As she puts it, “Our family is a family because of El Camino Hospital.”