Heart Experts

Heart Experts at El Camino Health

The Norma Melchor Heart & Vascular Institute at El Camino Health is a long-time early adopter of advanced technologies – and in some cases, the inventor of those technologies. We offer treatments and procedures performed by world-renowned experts, and we pride ourselves on our superior outcomes.

In keeping with El Camino Health's culture of caring, the doctors at the Norma Melchor Heart & Vascular Institute are committed to the cardiovascular wellness of the community. Understanding heart conditions and treatments can be challenging, so our team of experts collaborated on a series of articles to help. Here are some of the topics we’ll be exploring:

  • Innovations in cardiology
  • Preventing heart disease
  • Heart rhythm and A-fib
  • Non-invasive approaches to care
  • Advanced treatment options
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Women's heart disease



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