Empirical Quality Outcomes

Image of Nighttime Basket
Ashley Muniz, RN, and her patient discuss the benefits of the eye mask to support restful sleep.
Through the work of the NICHE Committee and based on information learned at a NICHE conference, items to aid in patients' sleep are now used enterprise wide. Nurses recognize the importance of quality rest for healing, so resources are available to help aid in comfort and provide balance to the patient's more hectic schedule during their hospital stay. Implementation included working with Central Supply to stock items (such as lavender lotion and eye masks) and with the El Camino Hospital Auxiliary volunteer staff to help offer items to patients.

Behavioral Health's innovation for patients, "My Safety Plan," allows patients to have a more participative role, and more control, over their illness and plan for recovery. "My Safety Plan" is completed by the patient with the support of staff, and is used by nurses, physicians and social workers to support the patient in achieving optimal wellness.
Image of My Safety Plan
Shirley Luong, RN, supports a patient completing
her Safety Plan.

Image of Chemo Doctor
Irene Gotgelf, RN, and Jonathan Johansen, Pharmacist, coordinate administration of chemotherapy.
An intraprofessional team of nurses and pharmacists, facilitated by the PaCT team, examined the chemotherapy administration process from "order-to-documentation" and implemented changes to reduce the turnaround time and improve the experience for patients. Some of the improvements implemented include:
  • Oncology pharmacist relocated to the main pharmacy (from decentralized model) to improve communication between oncology pharmacist and pharmacy staff.
  • Expedited order processing (entering and verification).
  • Improved handling of chemotherapy orders for both Oncology unit and Infusion Center.
  • Chemo order checklist integrated into the new workflow.
  • Established and educated chemo nurses on standard work.
  • Creation of a charge nurse chemo acuity assignment tool.