Magnet Committee Message

For over 30 years American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) has administered the Magnet Recognition Program for hospitals throughout the United States and the world. El Camino Hospital has a long history with the Magnet Program, first as one of the original 41 Magnet Hospitals, designated after a nationwide study in 1981.

We renewed our commitment to the Magnet Journey in the early 2000s, and in 2005 became the first Bay Area Magnet Hospital. We received our second designation in 2010. We are now working diligently to receive a third designation and join just over 100 hospitals worldwide that have achieved this goal.

The Magnet Committee is proud to honor our nurses and the excellence they have achieved. This was reflected in our Magnet Documentation and Site Visit, and is also reflected in this 2015 Nursing Annual Report.

Please enjoy exploring this site and join us in celebrating nursing excellence at El Camino Hospital!

~ Magnet Committee

Magnet Committee
Jennifer Borelli, RN
Christine Cave, RN
Jody Charles, RN
Pamela Fiehmann, RN
Monica Hite, RN
Sherrie Karleskind, RN
Vivian Low, RN
Kelsey Martinez, MPA
Audrey Prairo, RN
Cheryl Reinking, RN
Kim Tabellion, RN
Chris Tarver, RN
Catherine Walke, RN
Lynn Worsham, RN

The Magnet Model consists of Five Model Elements which provide a framework for practice. Within this report, you will find nursing highlights for each Model Element:

  • Tranformational Leadership
  • Structural Empowerment
  • Exemplary Professional Practice
  • New Knowledge, Innovation & Improvements
  • Empirical Quality Outcomes

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