New Knowledge, Innovation & Improvements

Using Lean Methodology and supported by Patient Centered Transformation (PaCT), a group of clinical nurses in the Mother-Baby Unit (MBU) formed a team to improve the discharge process. They felt these efforts could increase patient satisfaction and relieve the patient flow bottleneck in Labor & Delivery. The MBU nurses invited an L&D nurse and a supervisor representing housekeepers to join the team in order to capture their unique perspectives.

The discharge team put several processes in place designed to increase the patient's satisfaction, such as:

  • Standardized discharge plan starting with admission to L&D and extending through discharge from MBU.
  • Standardized teaching, timing and key messages by all staff.
  • Creation and implementation of the "Perfect White Board." This large laminated board is at every bedside and is initiated by the assigned RN when the couplet arrives on MBU.
  • Standardized training including observation and return demonstration, for all MBU nurses and support staff.

Image of Nurse and Patient with Baby
Louella Zavalla, RN, reviews discharge teaching
with a new mom.
"On Demand Interpretation" (ODI) employs medical interpreters who are available to be "on camera" for interpretation. The interpretation streams real time video through an iPAD for the patients and family, as well as nursing and other clinical staff. The audio comes through the iPAD, and family and staff can gather around and see and hear the interpreter. This aligns with our goals to personalize each patient's experience and provide culturally appropriate care. Since ODI implementation, interpretation services now average 4,600-6,300 minutes/month!
Image of Patient with IPad
Karen Cheung, RN, uses streaming video translation while working with patients.

This graph demonstrates El Camino Hospital critical care nurses collaborating with respiratory therapists and rehabilitation therapists to assist ventilated patients in getting out of bed. Through the ABCDE bundle work, patients are less sedated and early activity is promoted and achieved. Next steps in the ABCDE bundle work are to add "FG" (F= Family, G=Good Nutrition). By partnering with dietitians, the goal is to improve nutritional status of critically ill patients.

Graph of Success with Percentage of ABCDE patients