Transformational Leadership

In May 2014, the first Diana K. Russell Leadership Award was presented to Karen Roman, RN, Cardiac & Pulmonary Wellness Center. Karen was honored for her initiative to train El Camino Hospital nurses and staff to become certified in "Laughter Yoga." In October 2014, nearly 20 nurses and staff became certified, and patients throughout the hospital now benefit from this technique.

Image iCare
Maria Gonzalez, RN, Kathleen Faubion, RN, and Nancy Yan, RN, work together to build iCare for nurses, physicians,
staff and patients.

Key Takeaways
  • Over 100 El Camino Hospital staff joined the iCare team in June 2014.
  • Every unit has "Subject Matter Experts" (SMEs), nurses who have given input into the design of the system.
  • iCare goes live in November 2015.
In June 2014, El Camino Hospital embarked on an exciting journey: the Road to iCARE implementation, with a "Wizard of Oz" theme. The second six months of the year were occupied with design sessions and building the new electronic medical record system. Workflows, order sets, clinical documentation and enhanced functionality have been addressed as we move toward implementation of the new EMR. Nurses, physicians and clinical support departments have worked side by side to create a system that will benefit our patients.
Seen by two critical care nurses at a national conference, the Non-Invasive Cardiac Output Hemodynamic Monitoring System (NICOM) is a piece of equipment the nurses felt would greatly improve our ability to safely monitor patients. The Cheetah NICOM, which staff refer to as "Cheetah," allows for non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring and fluid management. The technology of Cheetah is called "bioreactance" and uses signal frequencies collected through four patches placed on the patient. This system replaces the traditional "invasive" Swan Ganz lines, which put patients at risk for complications including central line infections, sepsis and possible death.

Image of a Patient Medication Review
Fanny Ng, RN, manages the NICOM machine.

Key Takeaways
  • In September 2014, nurses completed online training.
  • Training occurred in critical care, progressive care, and emergency services on the Mountain View campus; intensive care and emergency services on the Los Gatos campus.
  • Metrics that will be measured as a result of the Cheetah implementation include CLABSI rate and LOS.