Craig Nanette

Implementation of the ABCDEFG Protocol, CCU Nurses participated in Multi-Site Collaborative

Scion Hopper

Comparing Pain Management Modalities and Post-Op Ambulation for Total Knee Replacement Patients, Research completed by Debbie Smyth, RN

OR Training

Analyzing Retrospective Data to Determine Patients Needing PSA (Patient Safety Attendant) Services on Medical Unit, Capstone project completed by Shefali Desai, RN


Sepsis Enterprise Process Vigilance, Research conducted by Kelly Nguyen, RN

Alida Lorenz

READI (Readiness Evaluation and Discharge Intervention), Multi-Site Study led at El Camino Hospital by Allison Layton, RN and Ann Marie Barsanti, RN


Survey of Nurses' Opinion on Methods of Quality Improvement, Capstone project completed by Allison Gorman, RN

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