Exemplary Professional Practice

Image of Wanda Teraoka, RN
Wanda Teraoka, RN proudly displays her "activity apron" design.

Caring Nurse Award Winner: Wanda Teraoka, RN

Surgical/Pediatrics nurse Wanda Teraoka was the Caring Nurse Award Winner for 2017, honored for her work as an active member of the NICHE and PIPSC committees. Wanda was a key member of the Alzheimer's Association "Longest Day" event at El Camino Hospital. This June 21 event involved a team of employees and volunteers who made over 20 activity aprons for our elder dementia patients, designed to distract patients from pulling at lines or harming themselves. Wanda developed the template for the apron and instructed the novice sewing and crafting team. Wanda's work was submitted to the NICHE conference and accepted. Wanda traveled with other NICHE nurses to San Antonio, Texas to showcase The Longest Day and the activity aprons.

CAUTI Prevention

In 2017, El Camino Hospital became a leader in adopting innovation with the implantation of an external female catheter. This device benefits patients in many ways, most especially in reducing the number of Foley catheter days and protecting patients from incontinence-associated dermatitis. The external female catheter has been used for patients across the enterprise.

El Camino Hospital's nursing Professional Practice Model (PPM) emphasizes the patient being at the center of all care. Words chosen by nurses to reflect their professional practice  —  Caring and Family  —  spiral outward from the patient. Excellence refers to the goal to deliver the highest quality care to patients. Next, Community represents the hospital's history as a community-built organization and its future: broadening delivery of care across the continuum and into the community. Next in the outward spiral is Compassion: a word nurses often use to describe how they and their colleagues deliver care. Science and Innovation reflect our legacy as the first hospital in the world to implement an Electronic Medical Record in 1971, and the current strong support of Nursing Innovation through the Nursing Research Council. Patient Care Team captures the collaborative nature of care at El Camino Hospital. Four key aspects of care enclose the labyrinth: Preventative, Restorative, Psychological-Spiritual, and Growth-Collaboration-Education.
Image of PPM