Structural Empowerment

Debbie Smyth, RN

Winning the inaugural Nursing Excellence Award for Structural Empowerment, Debbie Smyth was honored for her work as the Orthopedic Surgery program coordinator. Debbie has continued her research studies to improve patient care. In her most recent study, on the use of patient-controlled analgesia (PCAs) for Total Joint Replacement patients, Debbie discovered that PCA patients have a much higher use of opioids while still having higher levels of pain than patients who received multi-modal pain management (and no PCA). Debbie presented her results to the orthopedic surgeons and was successful in changing practice to the safer and more effective multi-modal method.

Joint Replacement Surgery Morphine Equivalents Used
Congratulations to all our certified nurses!
Below is a partial list of new certifications achieved in 2017 (by certification).

  • Medical Surgical Certification
  • Rachel Dick, RN, Med/Surg Ortho
  • May Flores-Dizon, RN, Med/Surg Ortho
  • Susuanna Larbi Agbo, RN, Med/Surg Ortho
  • Sandrine LeRouzes, RN, Med/Surg Ortho
  • Roxy Phung, RN, Surgical/Pediatrics
  • Asma Said, RN, Med/Surg Ortho
  • Cillo Sun, RN, Med/Surg Ortho

  • Certified  —  Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing
  • Georgette Aqualina, RN, NICU
  • Daisy Horng, RN, NICU
  • Andrae Taffe Veni, RN, NICU
  • Kelly Younger, RN, NICU

  • Certified Nephrology Nurse
  • Lois Slaback, RN, Inpatient Dialysis

  • Oncology Nurse Certification
  • Rebecca Barrientos, RN, Oncology
  • Fatiha Benyammi, RN, Oncology
  • Sarah Rosenquist, RN, Infusion Center
  • Hannah Tra, RN, Nursing Education

  • PCCN
  • Ebony Boles, RN

  • Certification in Wound and Ostomy Nursing
  • Cindy Ragsdale, RN, Acute Rehabilitation

  • Certified  —  OB Inpatient
  • Marissa Sabangan Francisco, Mother-Baby

Sarah Rosenquist with Oncology Nurses
Sarah Rosenquist, RN (center) surrounded by her fellow certified oncology nurses: (left to right) Kathleen Hall, RN; Tamara Domaine, RN; Kathy Barry, RN and Hannah Crocker, RN.

New BSN Degrees 2017
Thai Trieu, RN, Stroke/Telemetry
Michelle Park, RN, L&D
Karen Roman, RN, Cardiac & Pulmonary Wellness Center
Asma Said, RN, Medical/Surgical Orthopedics
Catherine Ackman, RN, Outpatient Surgery

New MSN Degrees 2017
Ann Aquino, RN, Medical/Surgical Oncology
Alex Tungol, RN, Acute Rehabilitation and Medical-Surgical/Oncology
Rochelle Popyon, RN, L&D (with FNP)
Lisa King, RN, Outpatient Surgery (with FNP)

Doctorate of Nursing Practice
Clarinda Garcia, RN, Stroke/Telemetry
Manager Alex Tungol
Manager Alex Tungol (left) discusses educational opportunities with direct care nurse Jae Hee Hyun, Medical/Surgical Orthopedics RN.