Transformational Leadership

Pain Management Reassessment Documentation

Through a collaboration of Nursing and IT, improvements in the nursing documentation flowsheets and patient list allowed nurses to improve documentation of pain reassessment. In addition, Epic reports were created to assist in auditing and identifying trends in documentation compliance. Multiple reports were created to enable staff to evaluate documentation on daily, weekly and monthly trends as well as a "drill-down" report.

Baseline compliance was in the 50% range. This work has led to seven consecutive months of documentation compliance at 90% or greater (July 2017 - January 2018).

The work to improve the electronic health record to allow better documentation compliance was presented at the Epic User Group Meeting in September 2017.
Pain Graph
Diana K. Russell Jenn Meaney, RN
Grace Nabas, RN (right) explains techniques to manage dementia to co-worker Kassahun Mellese, RN.

Diana K. Russell Leadership Grant Winner Grace Nabas, RN

Grace Nabas, RN, was awarded the 2017 Diana K. Russell Leadership Grant based on a proposal to improve staff knowledge about dementia and delirium. Working with Mae Dizon, NICHE NP, Grace developed a class for RNs and a class for CNAs on managing patients with delirium. Tools to gather data to measure improvement included the Dementia Knowledge Assessment Scale and portions of the Geriatric Institutional Assessment Profile (GIAP).

Classes were held in Fall 2017, and pre- and post-tests were administered. Preliminary assessment of the data shows improvement in GIAP scores in the post-test compared to pre-test.

Catherine Nalesnik, RN  —  Leadership in Action

For her work and accomplishments in 2017, Catherine Nalesnik, Director of Infection Prevention, received the Leadership in Action award. Catherine works diligently to improve patient care. She led initiatives to improve hygiene care, as well as to decrease incidence of Hospital Acquired Infections. Catherine revised multiple infection control policies and led product evaluations to decrease the use of Foley catheters and improve the care of patients with central lines.

Catherine led the enterprise through the record-breaking 2017 flu season and helped to manage patient surge. She also worked with the physician staff and IT to improve the flu and pneumococcal vaccine program for patients.

Catherine Nalesnik, RN
Catherine Nalesnik, RN, inspires El Camino Hospital staff to prevent spread of infection.