DeMellopine, RN

Study of a Depression and Suicide Scale Indicator  —  Patricia DeMellopine, RN, CNS

Garma Taverna, RN

Living a Low Salt Life  —  Ruby Garma, RN, and Evelyn Taverna, RN, CNS

Kidane Lyman, RN

The Electronic Health Record Impact  —  Site Leader: Valerie Huwe, RN; Pictured: L&D Nurses Helen Kidane, RN (L) and Rachel Lyman, RN (R)


Nursing Care During Labor  —  Site Leader: Valerie Huwe, RN Pictured: Deborah Carlson, RN

Khanal Kang

Resources for Homeless Patients  —  Project Lead Aarya Khanal (L) with colleague Ray Kang MSW (R)


Correlates of ECT  —  Tamara Malcolm, RN, and Brooke Schauder, PhD


Effect of Basal-Bolus Insulin Administration  —  Meriam Signo, RN

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