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El Camino Hospital

South Asian Heart Center Lecture Offers Hearthier Choices to Avoid the First Heart Attack

Mountain View, CA - June 5, 2009 - The South Asian Heart Center at El Camino Hospital will present TLC: Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes, an evidence-based discussion on the importance of lifestyle, on Wednesday, June 24th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The lecture takes place in the hospital's cafeteria at 2500 Grant Road, Mountain View, CA.

Dr. César Molina, MD, FACC, Medical Director of the Center and an internationally renowned expert on coronary disease prevention, will discuss the rationale for prescribing lifestyle interventions for people at increased risk of heart disease, the effect of fitness and exercise on longevity and cardiovascular risk factors, and the effects of stress reduction on health and well being.

"It's well-known that exercise, diet and reducing stress will help prevent heart disease," said Ashish Mathur, executive director of the South Asian Heart Center. "But most people have no idea whether they're at risk--so they tend to put off making beneficial changes. Even if they wanted to, the question is, what will work? By helping people understand their unique lifestyle and genetic risk factors and creating tailored programs to reduce risk, we are seeing the emergence of a new generation of heart-healthy South Asians."

For example, Mathur points to the fact that South Asians are four times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than the general population--yet they often get a clean bill of health from standardized assessments. Someone with normal weight, cholesterol, and a vegetarian diet can still fall into the "high-risk" category.

"We have looked at more than 3000 South Asian participants in our program," Dr. Molina said. "What we've learned is that there is a strong genetic component to South Asian coronary disease. We've also learned how to identify key symptoms, and how to design programs that dramatically reduce risk."

This is the first of four lectures, which also include The Physiology of Stress, Exercise as Medicine and The Dinner vs. the Diner. Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes provides an overview of all lifestyle changes that affect health. To register, call 800-216-5556, or visit

The South Asian Heart Center is a non-profit response to the epidemic of heart disease among the South Asian population. Through a program that incorporates education, advance screening, lifestyle changes and heart-health coaching, the center aims at controlling the spread of coronary artery disease. For additional information on the center, please visit

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