iSpecimen Network Protocol: Collection and Distribution of Remnant and Research Use Only Biospecimens for Novel Research Uses

Researchers are trying to find new ways to detect, treat, prevent, and cure health problems. These efforts require the collection and use of biological samples from many people.


Study Type/Phase: Specimen Collection
Status: Recruiting

A company called iSpecimen is trying to lead this effort by contracting with hospitals, medical centers, and other healthcare organizations to collect and distribute samples and information for use in research studies in the U.S. and other countries. We are seeking blood, tissue, and other samples from people who are willing to provide these samples for use in research studies. We hope the information learned from these research studies will help further research related to human health and may lead to new treatments, therapies, or develop new diagnostic tools.

Speak with your doctor to determine whether you meet the following criteria for participation in this study.


Principal Investigator

Charles Lombard, MD


iSpecimen, Inc.

NCT Number



Kathy Miller, Clinical Research Coordinator
Taft Center for Clinical Research