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A Registry of Hematopoietic Diseases for Evaluation of Correlation with Clinical Outcomes

Study Type/Phase: Registry
Status: Not Recruiting

The Inform Diagnostics Registry is a multi-center, observational outcomes database designed to collect data on the demographics, presentation, diagnosis, treatment, resource use, and outcomes of eligible patients who have previously undergone Inform Diagnostics hematopoietic diagnostics testing. By contributing patients’ data, the medical community may gain insights into patient management for specific hematopoietic diseases. Detailed data from hematopoietic diagnostic testing completed at Inform Diagnostics is integrated with patients’ clinical data (demographics, diagnostic, prognostic, treatment and outcome data). This information is collected and tracked over time in three intervals: enrollment, one year, and five years/off-study. The registry will provide vital information access to research collaborators to drive the evolution of more effective therapies, and to provide a means through which physicians can make evidence-based and data-driven decisions for future patients.

Patients whose bone marrow, peripheral blood, lymph node, or other tissue specimen has been analyzed by Inform Diagnostics are potential candidates for the registry. Speak with your doctor to determine whether you meet the eligibility criteria for participation in this study.

Principal Investigator

Shane Dormady, MD, PhD


Inform Diagnostics


Kathy Miller, Clinical Research Coordinator
Taft Center for Clinical Research


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