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Barostim neo® – Baroreflex Activation Therapy® for Heart Failure (BeAT-HF)

Phase: Pivotal
Status: Not Recruiting

The purpose of this study is to determine whether the Barostim Neo System device is safe and effective in people with heart failure. The Neo system is a device that is designed to stimulate the baroreceptors, which are in the large blood vessels (carotid arteries) in your neck to potentially improve the heart failure condition.  The device has 2 parts that are surgically implanted: 1) a battery powered pack (pulse generator) which is placed under the skin near the collarbone, and 2) a wire (lead) that has one end attached to the battery pack, and the other end stitched onto the carotid artery inside the neck.  It is believed that when the baroreceptors are stimulated, signals are sent to the brain.  The brain then sends signals to the body telling the blood vessels to relax, slow down the heartbeat, stop production of stress-related hormones in the heart, and  for the kidneys to reduce the amount of fluid in the body.

Principal Investigator

Bing Liem, DO


CVRx, Inc.

NCT Number



Janet Lamm, Clinical Research Coordinator
Taft Center for Clinical Research

For more information about this clinical trial, including trial status, eligibility and full trial listing, visit

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