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Living a Low Salt Life Style – Heart Failure Education

Study Type/Phase: Nursing Research Study
Status: Recruiting Inpatients and Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients

The lack of adherence to a low sodium diet in heart failure patients may be correlated with insufficient education regarding the types of sodium-restricted foods vs. high sodium foods, as well as a lack of information on alternative additives for more palatable meals.

The purpose of this nursing research project is to explore the impact of a standardized low sodium diet education packet (Living a Low Salt Life) focused on knowledge, barriers to change, and the readiness to change. The project will involve 3 surveys in relation to low sodium foods including: pre-education survey, post-education survey and a follow-up phone call survey within four weeks of leaving the hospital. The heart failure education and follow-up phone call is part of routine care for all patients.

Approximately 50 patients from El Camino Hospital (MV campus) will be enrolled.

Speak with your doctor to determine whether you meet the following criteria for participation in this study.

Inclusion Criteria Exclusion Criteria
  • Primary Heart Failure Inpatients or Cardiac Rehab patients
  • English speaking or caregiver that speaks English
  • Able to answer survey questions
  • Non-English speaking without English speaking caregiver
  • Memory issues, dementia or Alzheimer’s without English speaking caregiver
  • SNF patients
  • LTC patients

Principal Investigator

Ruby Garma, MS, RN, CNS and Evelyn Taverna, MS, RN, CNS


Grant El Camino Hospital Foundation as part of the Diana K. Russell Excellence in Nursing Award for evidence based practice projects to improve patient care.


Ruby Garma, MS, RN, CNS

Evelyn Taverna, MS, RN, CNS