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How does Nursing Care during Labor Influence Outcomes?

Study Type/Phase: Observational
Status: Recruiting

There is a knowledge gap in understanding relationships between nurse staffing levels during labor and birth, nursing care provided during labor and birth, patient outcomes, and patient safety.

The purpose of this study is to examine the relationships between nurse staffing, missed nursing care during labor and birth, and patient outcomes. Another goal is to determine whether variations in staffing and nursing care may contribute to health disparities in maternal and infant outcomes. This information can guide efforts to make health care safer during labor and improve US childbirth outcomes.

Surveys will be distributed to registered nurses who care for women during labor and birth. Once complete, surveys will be mailed to UCSF for assessment. Survey responses will be aggregated and linked to hospital level data measuring nurse staffing, perinatal core measures for cesarean and breastfeeding rates, and measures of ICU admissions and processes of care for high-risk maternity patients.

Approximately, 100 El Camino Hospital Labor and Delivery nurses will be invited to anonymously take part in this survey.

Speak with your doctor to determine whether you meet the following criteria for participation in this study.

Inclusion Criteria Exclusion Criteria
  • Labor and Delivery nurses at El Camino Hospital
  • Labor and Delivery nurses at El Camino Hospital who do not wish to participate


Principal Investigator

Audrey Lyndon, PhD (UCSF)


Valerie Huwe, CNIII (El Camino Hospital)


Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


Audrey Lyndon, PhD


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