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Childbirth and Parenting Classes & Events (Education)

Our Mother-Baby Health Education program offers a wide range of classes and parenting groups.

All our classes are led by experienced health educators – to help you and your family prepare for your baby’s arrival.

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Baby Care

Expecting parents who are four to six weeks away from their due date learn about numerous baby care topics.

Breastfeeding Preparation

This class is for couples considering breastfeeding and provides an introduction and overview of the first six weeks.

Breastfeeding Support Group

Meet with other breastfeeding mothers and get support from a board-certified lactation consultant.

Drop-In Breastfeeding Support Group

A group setting for quick assessment of urgent concerns related to latch on technique, effective feeding and breast/nipple problems.

Cesarean Birth Preparation

This class is designed to prepare couples for a cesarean birth.

Childbirth Express

This one-day class offers a comprehensive review of pregnancy, labor and birth, and post-delivery recovery.

Childbirth Preparation

This series of classes help prepare couples for childbirth, offering comprehensive coverage on pregnancy, labor and birth, and post-delivery recovery. Other topics include relaxation and breathing techniques. A tour of the Orchard Pavilion maternity area is included.

Childbirth Refresher

This class is for couples with previous childbirth experience. They can review topics such as relaxation, breathing techniques, labor and delivery. A tour of the Orchard Pavilion maternity area is included.

Home & Car Seat Safety for Infants

This class will cover basic car seat safety, sleep environment safety, poison control, and how to create a safe home environment.

Beep Beep Car Seat

This class will cover inspection of your child's car seat, how to install the car seat, how to correctly harness your child, common car seat errors, and next steps for your child.

Infant/Child CPR

Certified instructors teach students to recognize unconsciousness, respiratory arrest, cardiac arrest, and choking in infants and young children.

Infant Massage

Learning how to properly massage your infant is a wonderful way to lessen stress in both yourself and your baby, and it enhances bonding.

Maternity Tours

As your due date approaches, you will want to acquaint yourself with both the place and the particulars of your upcoming birth experience. There is no charge for this tour.

Midwives Tea and Orientation

This is a monthly orientation with the midwives of Bay Area Maternity.

New Mothers Support Group

Mothers and their babies, aged 3 weeks to 3 months, meet for six weeks to discuss topics specific for this age group.

Mothers Support Group II

This is a combined group of Mothers Support Group II and Mothers Support Group III. Mothers and their babies, aged 3 months to 9 months, meet for six weeks to discuss topics specific for this age group.

New Mothers Network

This drop-in support group addresses a variety of newborn topics including postpartum adjustment and newborn care and development.

Sibling Preparation

During this class, siblings will explore their feelings and what it will be like having a new baby in their home.

Wellness After Childbirth: Body Mechanics & Pelvic Strengthening

Participants improve posture, body mechanics and learn the proper techniques to strengthen the pelvic floor. This 90-minute training session taught by a physical therapist certified in pelvic floor therapy is designed to ease your recovery from childbirth. Babies are welcome to attend with mom. This class is for women who have had childbirth; it is not for women who are currently pregnant.

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