AIM to New Beginnings - June 27, 2022

Monday June 27, 2022 from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Well begun is half done. AIM to New Beginnings helps couples establish the fundamental infrastructure to grow into a strong family unit by providing the foundation for good nutrition, fitness, and wellness in a growing household. A personal health coach facilitates expectant and new parents in practical ways to positively establish the health norms for themselves and their growing baby. AIM to New Beginnings is offered in two separate phases: Phase Pregnancy continues until childbirth. Phase New Baby continues for 6 months post-childbirth.
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Phase: Pregnancy. Includes registration for both parents up to childbirth. - $400.00

Phase: New Baby. Includes registration for both parents for 6 months post-childbirth. - $400.00

Phase: Pregnancy and New Baby. Includes registration for both parents for 1 year covering both pre and post childbirth. - $750.00


Monday June 27, 2022
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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This class has an ongoing rolling admission. After you enroll, we will contact you to schedule your appointments and workshops for AIM to New Beginnings.

Pregnancy is a precious period in which the mother and the whole household offer the perfect life promoting environment for a new baby, leading to the birth of a new member of the family. In many cases birth is the event that converts a loving couple into a family. During this critical period, the connection between the mother and baby is very strong. Therefore, it is most important for the mother to cultivate in herself the best physical and emotional environment for the benefit of her developing offspring. During pregnancy and during lactation everything the mother tastes, sees, touches, hears, and smells may have an effect on her child.

The transition into motherhood, with all its joy and responsibilities, may at times be associated with nutritional deficiency, fear of exercise, and sleep deprivation leading to the potential for physical and emotional fatigue. Optimal health for the new family begins before conception and continues well after delivery. A personal health coach helps expectant and new parents in practical ways to positively establish the health norms for themselves and their growing baby. The health coach helps explore simple and workable solutions to create a healthy pregnancy, enhance the baby’s growth and development, minimize the risk of health issues, and create a strong and lasting bond with baby.  The health coach works with couples to identify challenges in adopting important lifestyle components that we call MEDS, or Meditation, Exercise, Diet, and Sleep. Our goal is to facilitate a practical action plan so that your family can simply and comfortably incorporate these lifestyle aspects into an easy daily routine.

AIM to New Beginnings Includes:

  • Comprehensive clinical and lifestyle assessment.
  • Detailed recommendations based on your profile.
  • Expert nutrition counseling and exercise education.
  • Engaging science-based workshops on lifestyle-interventions appropriate for pre- and post- delivery.
  • Monthly personal coaching sessions tailored to your cultural preferences, family values, and individual capability.

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