[Virtual Class] 請問醫生視訊 Ask-a-Doc: 女性心臟疾病 Heart Disease in Women

Friday February 19, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
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Friday February 19, 2021
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
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女性心血管疾病的發病率是多少? 與男性相比,女性心血管疾病的表現有差異嗎?
男性和女性治療的方法一樣嗎? 陳道蕙醫師將在視訊講座中,
女性心臟病不僅症狀不同於男性,治療方法和結果也不同。 我們還了解到,高血壓和糖尿病在男性和女性中都有不同的表現。 與女性相比,男性的房顫也不同。 


陳道蕙醫師簡介:畢業於史丹福醫學院,專長於婦女心臟科和預防心臟疾病,並十分重視社區健康推廣,同時有内科和心臟內科專科執照。在治療上,她強調全人整合式醫療,以治療人為主,而不是疾病,目前 El Camino Health 的婦女心臟中心(Women’s  Heart Center)主任。



Heart Disease in Women

What is the incidence of cardiovascular disease in women? Is there a difference in the manifestation of cardiovascular disease in women compared with men?  Should we treat both populations as the same?

Dr. Jane Lombard will present the historical perspective of heart disease in women and what we had learned over the last 40 years.  Women have different symptoms then men, and have had different treatment and outcomes then men.  We also learned that hypertension, and diabetes have different manifestations in men and women.  Atrial fibrillation is also different in men compared with women.  Finally, pregnancy confers separate risks on women, and now there is a sub specialty of Cardio Obstetrics.

Heart disease is still the number one killer of women, so the more specific we can tailor treatment, the more lives we can save with fewer side effects.

Speaker: Jane Lombard, MD, Cardiology
Dr. Jane Lombard is a cardiologist who specializes in women’s heart care and preventative cardiology, with a focus on community health. She earned her medical degree from Stanford University and holds board certifications in both internal medicine and cardiology. Dr. Lombard takes a holistic approach to care, following the philosophy: treat the patient, not the disease. She currently serves as El Camino Health Women Health Center’s medical director. 

Webinar is conducted in English and Mandarin

You are welcome to submit your questions in advance. The webinar promotes accurate scientific and medical knowledge and will not provide personal consultation or medical advice.


Please email Chinese Health Initiative at chi@elcaminohealth.org with any questions. 


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