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Central to our grant funding is ensuring people in need have access to healthcare. We support programs providing primary and preventive care, chronic disease management and opportunities for physical activity and social-emotional health.

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From Our Leadership

Dear Community Members,

Our local community benefit grants support individuals with difficulty accessing adequate healthcare and help create a healthier community. The Fiscal Year 2023 Community Benefit Report for El Camino Healthcare District and El Camino Health shows our commitment and investment in community health and how, together with our partners, we responded to unmet health needs. Through a variety of programs, our partners improved access to high-quality medical, oral health and mental health services, promoted physical activity in schools, and fostered self-sufficiency by providing case management and safety net services.

Our investments in fiscal year 2023 (July 2022 to June 2023) included:

  • El Camino Health Total Community Benefit:  $116.6 million – serving more than 136,900 people, including $3.3 million for 70 grants and sponsorships. El Camino Health’s total community benefit includes charity care and unpaid Medi-Cal costs for more than 15,800 people.
  • El Camino Healthcare District Total Community Benefit: $7.4 million in 69 grants and sponsorships serving more than 45,200 people.
  • Combined Total Community Benefit: $124 million and more than 182,100 people served.

We believe these programs provide critical services, often unseen, for those in our community most at risk and in need, and fulfill an important part of our mission.

George Ting signature
George Ting, Chair, Board of Directors El Camino Healthcare District

Bob Rebitzer signature
Bob Rebitzer, Chair, Board of Directors El Camino Hospital

Dan Woods signature
Dan Woods, Chief Executive Officer, El Camino Health

El Camino Healthcare District Board of Directors

Peter C. Fung, MD, MS, FACP, FAAN, FAHA

Julia E. Miller

Carol A. Somersille, MD, FACOG, Vice Chair

George O. Ting, MD, Chair

John L. Zoglin, Secretary/Treasurer


El Camino Hospital Board of Directors

Lanhee J. Chen, JD, PhD

Peter C. Fung, MD, MS, FACP, FAAN, FAHA

Julia E. Miller, Secretary/Treasurer

Jack Po, MD, PhD, Vice Chair

Bob Rebitzer, Chair

Carol A. Somersille, MD, FACOG

George O. Ting, MD

Don C. Watters

John L. Zoglin



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