Community Benefit Annual Report FY 2023

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We supported programs that met critical needs by increasing access to services that promote staying healthy, growing up and aging well, and improving mental health.

Better Health for Our Community

Expanded Awareness and Availability of Healthcare Services

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13,623 community members received health screenings

Vision and hearing screenings were provided in our local schools, and primary care providers screened for chronic health conditions in adults and children.

Responded to the Demand for Mental Health

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9,166 hours of counseling sessions were provided to youth and adults

School districts and nonprofit organizations worked to meet the needs in the community, including targeted support for LGBTQ+ youth and unhoused adults and families.

Promoted Healthy Lifestyle Habits

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2,457 individuals reported healthier behaviors in their daily life

Education and resource programs promoted healthier food choices and increasing physical activity in youth and adults.

Improved Chronic Disease Management and Prevention

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512 individuals reported improved self-management of their chronic health condition

Patients and community members were supported in managing their health, including programs that focus on heart and respiratory health, and cancer treatment.

Removed Barriers to Basic Needs

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1,903 individuals received assistance through housing-related case management, food resources, and financial security programs

A dedicated and diverse group of local nonprofit organizations provided access to vital support services for vulnerable community members.



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