Supporting Our Community Needs During the Ongoing Pandemic

When we published last year’s Community Benefit Annual Report, no one could foresee what the coming year would bring as we contended with the COVID-19 global pandemic. As the uncertainty of the pandemic has continued with increasing need and extraordinary hardship, the programs funded through our community benefit grants continue to be a vital lifeline to basic needs and health resources for our neighbors. Through our grant programs, we partner with organizations working on the front lines to improve the health and well-being of the most vulnerable in our community, including disadvantaged families, at-risk youth, unhoused individuals and older adults. While FY 2021 was filled with challenges and uncertainty, our grant partners carried through to help people in need and provided hope in a time of despair.

Under our governing leadership, El Camino Healthcare District and El Camino Health invested $11.9 million in 132 grants and sponsorships for fiscal year 2021, securing gateways to better health for many in our community. El Camino Health’s total community benefit investment in fiscal year 2021 was $87.3 million — $14.6 million more than last year.