Complementary Wellness Services

We believe that providing the very best care is much more than medical treatment. Exceptional care addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and their families.

At El Camino Health, we strive to create a soothing, welcoming environment that supports healing. Whether it's bringing music or art to the bedside or offering simple comforts to our patients and their loved ones, we offer a range of free services for patients and family members.

Art at the Bedside

Armed with watercolors, crayons, construction paper, and other media, artist Nili Helman-Caspi guides patients in a creative activity that can relieve stress and anxiety, and provide relief from boredom and pain. In addition to hands-on projects, she can engage in discussions of art history or other topics. As part of the Healing Arts Program, you can request an art session in your room, but sessions can also be arranged in waiting rooms for individuals or groups. Nili can offer sessions in English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Polish and basic German and Spanish.

To arrange a time with Nili, call guest services at 650-962-5836. Services are also available at the Rehabilitation Center in Los Gatos.

Art at the Bedside is supported by donations to El Camino Health Foundation.

Canine Companionship

The gentle affection of animals can have healing benefits — interacting with animals can help relieve feelings of loneliness, improve mood and promote relaxation. To support patients’ emotional health, volunteers affiliated with Therapy Dogs International regularly bring their animals to visit patients at El Camino Health’s Mountain View campus. Dogs meet rigorous standards for obedience and are comfortable interacting with people in a hospital setting.

To arrange a visit by a therapy dog, call guest services at 650-962-5836.

Healing Hands

Massage can relieve stress and pain and improve circulation and healing. As a special service to our patients, we provide free, 15-minute massages by an experienced, massage therapist. You need to receive approval from your doctor beforehand. To schedule an appointment, let your nurse know that you’re interested.

Music and Healing

Through the Healing Arts Program, we bring the soothing sounds of jazz, classical guitar, Celtic and double-strung harp, piano and voice to the bedside to create warmth and comfort to our hospital. Professional musicians go from ward to ward, playing in hallways and along bedsides for patients, staff, and visitors.

Professional musicians who visit our campuses include:

  • Jeff Buenz, who plays Latin and jazz guitar and bass.
  • Barbary Grant, who plays Celtic music and traditional songs on the Irish harp.
  • Dona Reyes, who plays classical Spanish guitar music.
  • David Snellbacher, who plays an assortment of guitar music including old English, Celtic, classical and traditional Christmas carols and contemporary music.

To arrange a visit during your stay, call guest services at 650-962-5836.

The music of the Healing Arts Program is supported by donations to El Camino Health Foundation.

Spiritual Care

El Camino Health’s chaplains and volunteers of all faiths provide nondenominational spiritual support for patients and their loved ones. Our spiritual care team is respectful of diverse spiritual and religious beliefs and cultural practices. Our chaplains are available to:

  • Perform rituals, sacraments and practices of faith.
  • Provide spiritual support and comfort to patients and family members during difficult times.
  • Assist with ethical and moral issues, or loss and grief.
  • Facilitate communication and decision-making among patients and the healthcare team.
  • Arrange visits from patients’ own spiritual advisors.

To arrange a visit from a chaplain, ask your nurse or doctor, or call 650-988-7568.

Spiritual Care is supported by donations to El Camino Health Foundation.

Community Services

El Camino Health also offers a number of free services available to both patients and members of the community, including blood pressure screenings, individual consultations with a pharmacist or a dietitian, and more. Visit our Health Library & Resource Center to learn about other wellness services.