Wound Care

Experts at our Wound Care Center offer personalized care and the latest treatments for chronic, non-healing wounds and Ostomy Care.

Wound Care Center | El Camino Health

Wound Care Center

If you have a wound (sore) that hasn't healed or responded to treatment within 30 days, it's considered a chronic, non-healing wound. These types of wounds need specialized treatment.

In order to heal, wounds need healthy blood circulation. If you have a condition that affects blood flow — such as diabetes or peripheral artery disease or other health problems — it can reduce your body’s ability to heal and put you at greater risk for chronic, non-healing wounds.

Personalized Care for Wound Healing and Ostomy Needs

At El Camino Health’s Wound Care Center, our care team specializes in evidence based treatments to ensure rapid and effective wound-healing. We work with your primary care doctor and other specialists — such as infection specialists — to give you personalized treatment. Our team approach means you can get comprehensive care in a single place, from expert evaluation and monitoring to the most advanced wound-healing treatments.

We offer:

  • Expert diagnosis. We use noninvasive techniques, such as ultrasound, to examine blood flow and determine what’s slowing your body’s healing process.
  • Advanced therapies. The center offers a full range of wound healing therapies — including debridement (removal of tissue to allow healing), compression (to improve circulation), advanced skin substitutes, negative pressure wound therapy and minimally invasive surgical procedures to improve blood flow.
  • Education. Your wound care team will educate you about your condition and how to lower risk factors that can affect healing. We help you improve your body’s healing process and prevent complications from chronic wounds.

You benefit from the combined experience of our specialists, who work together to give you complete care and plan for your ongoing needs to maintain good health and well-being long term. We have a dedicated staff of wound and ostomy certified nurses and physicians specializing in podiatry, general surgery, vascular surgery and plastic surgery.

Ostomy Care

El Camino Health’s Wound Care Center also offers specialized ostomy care for all types of patients including: Colostomy, Ileostomy, and Urostomy. We consult on all types of ostomy complications and offer pre and post-operative education. Our ostomy clinic is open every Wednesday, 1 pm – 4 pm.

The Wound Care Center accepts most types of insurance. Please feel free to call us directly or contact your primary care physician for a referral to our clinic. We are committed to providing an exceptional, personalized experience always..