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Board Committees

The El Camino Hospital Board of Directors operates with the support of its six Advisory Committees.

Each Committee is comprised of Board members and, since July 2012, individuals from the community. Community members are selected for their subject matter expertise and come from a wide range of business, academic and healthcare backgrounds. The current composition of each Committee was approved by the Board at its meeting in July 2020.

*Denotes an El Camino Hospital Board Member

Compliance and Audit Committee

The Compliance and Audit Committee advises and assists the El Camino Hospital Board of Directors in its exercise of oversight Corporate Compliance, Privacy, Internal and External Audit, Enterprise Risk Management, and Information Technology (IT) Security.

The Committee will accomplish this by monitoring the compliance policies, controls, and processes of the organization and the engagement, independence, and performance of the internal auditor and external auditor. The Compliance and Audit Committee assists the Board in oversight of any regulatory audit and in assuring the organizational integrity of the hospital corporation in a manner consistent with its mission and purpose.

Chair: Sharon Anolik Shakked
Members: Lica Hartman, Jack Po, MD*, Christine Sublett and Julia Miller*

Committee Staff
Executive Sponsor: Diane Wigglesworth
Jim Griffith, Deb Muro, Mary Rotunno and Alex Robison (Protiviti)

Executive Compensation Committee

The Executive Compensation Committee assists the El Camino Hospital Board of Directors in its responsibilities related to the organization’s executive compensation philosophy and policies. The Executive Compensation Committee shall advise the Board to meet all legal and regulatory requirements as it relates to executive compensation.

Chair: Bob Miller
Members: Teri Eyre, Julie Kliger* MPA, BSN, RN, Jaison Layney, George O. Ting*, MD, and Patricia Wadors

Committee Staff
Executive Sponsor: Kathryn Fisk
Julie Johnston, Cindy Murphy

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides oversight, information sharing, and financial reviews related to budgeting, capital budgeting, long-range financial planning and forecasting, and monthly financial reporting for El Camino Hospital Board of Directors. In carrying out its review, advisory and oversight responsibilities, the Finance Committee shall remain flexible in order to best define financial strategies that react to changing conditions.

Chair: John Zoglin*
Members: Joseph Chow, Wayne Doiguchi, Boyd Faust, Gary Kalbach* and Don Watters*

Committee Staff
Executive Sponsor: Carlos Bohorquez
Jim Griffith

Governance Committee

Governance Committee advises and assists the El Camino Hospital Board of Directors in matters related to governance, board development, board effectiveness, and board composition, i.e., the nomination and appointment/reappointment process. The Governance Committee ensures the Board and Committees are functioning at the highest level of governance standards.

Chair: Peter Fung, MD*
Members: Ken Alvares, Gary Kalbach*, Mike Kasperzak, Christina Lai, Peter Moran and Bob Rebitzer*

Committee Staff
Executive Sponsor: Dan Woods
Cindy Murphy

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee develops and recommends to the El Camino Hospital Board of Directors the investment policies governing the hospital corporation’s assets, maintain current knowledge of the management and investment funds of the organization, and provide oversight of the allocation of the investment assets.

Chair:  Brooks Nelson
Members: Nicola Boone, John Conover, Peter C. Fung*, MD, Rich Juelis and Don Watters

Committee Staff
Executive Sponsor: Carlos Bohorquez

Quality, Patient Care, Patient Experience Committee

The Quality, Patient Care and Patient Experience Committee (“Quality Committee”) advises and assists the El Camino Hospital Board of Director in constantly enhancing and enabling a culture of quality and safety at the hospitals, to ensure delivery of effective, evidence-based care for all patients, and to oversee quality outcomes.

The Quality Committee helps to assure that exceptional patient care and patient experiences are attained through monitoring organizational quality and safety measures, leadership development in quality and safety methods, and assuring appropriate resource allocation to achieve this purpose.

Chair Julie Kliger, MPA, BSN, RN*
Members: Terrigal Burn, MD, Alyson Falwell, Michael Kan, MD, Apurva Marfatia, MD, Jack Po, MD*, Krutica Sharma, MD, Melora Simon, and George O. Ting*, MD

Committee Staff
Executive Sponsor: Mark Adams, MD
Jim Griffith, Shreyas Mallur, MD; Cheryl Reinking, RN, MS; and Daniel Shin, MD

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