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Mobile Apps from El Camino Health

Health and fitness apps offer an easy, engaging and secure way to track (and improve) your health and wellness. Learn more about the mobile apps available through El Camino Health.

Featured App

myCare App

myCare App
myCare is a free online tool for you to view portions of your health record from El Camino Health using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Learn more.

Other Apps

Baritastic App

Baritastic App
El Camino Health offers the Baritastic app, a free tool specifically built for bariatric surgery patients having specific goals, requirements and guidelines before and after surgery. Whether you are considering weight loss surgery or are already losing weight, this app is for you. Lap Band, gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, gastric balloon, duodenal switch - it's all here. Learn more.

Family Health App

Family Health app
El Camino Health offers the Family Health app for your Smart Phone, an exclusive free tool that provides a simple, secure way to track your health data and get relevant, valuable information for every member of the family — all at your fingertips! Learn more.

PulsePoint App

PulsePoint App
The new PulsePoint AED app's location-aware technology notifies app users who have indicated they are CPR-trained when someone nearby is having a cardiac emergency and may need CPR. Learn more.

RxLocal App

El Camino Health is offering a free pharmacy app called RxLocal. From a convenient dashboard, this powerful tool helps you manage your medication record, dosages and possible side effects or interactions. Learn more.

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