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Community Health

FY2023 Funding Plan Targets Five Priorities for Community Health

Grants Support Efforts to Meet Identified Needs

El Camino Health works with many organizations to improve the health of our diverse community. Our Community Benefit Grants Program provides financial support for safety net health clinics, school district health programs, community service agencies and other nonprofits. These efforts reach vulnerable, underserved and at-risk community members. As the community's publicly accountable health partner, we identify needs and challenges and plan our funding accordingly. See the complete list of FY2023 grantees.

FY2023 Priorities Identified

Every three years, we conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) in collaboration with other local health systems. The 2022 CHNA is a tool for guiding policy and program planning efforts and is available to the public. View the 2022 CHNA.

Informing the FY2023 and forthcoming grant cycles, five health needs were selected as priorities:

  • Healthcare access and delivery (including oral health): Experts and residents reported a lack of easy access to primary and specialty care, especially mental health and oral health care. The grantees for 2023 include school nursing programs, mobile dental services, a senior mobile health clinic and many other vital services.
  • Behavioral health (including domestic violence and trauma): The pandemic's negative effect on mental health was a major concern, especially for children and adolescents. Grantees for FY2023 include mental health services for high-risk youth, support for victims of domestic violence and other related initiatives.
  • Diabetes and obesity: Currently, 8.4% of Santa Clara County community members have diabetes. Grantees for FY2023 include nutrition education for children and adults, diabetes management for under-served teens and adults, movement and mindfulness programs, and culturally competent programs for high-risk groups, which help address the barriers to improvement.
  • Other chronic conditions (other than diabetes and obesity): Cardiovascular disease, cancer and respiratory problems are among the top 10 causes of death in the county. Grantees for 2023 include multilingual hypertension education, asthma management, culturally competent community outreach and support for women with cancer.
  • Economic stability (including food insecurity, housing and homelessness): About 30% of Santa Clara County households are not meeting economic self-sufficiency standards. Grantees for 2023 include internship and mentor-ship programs for youth, home repair or modification for older adults, and programs for low-income families and unhoused individuals.

See the full FY2023 Implementation Strategy Report and Community Benefit Plan.


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