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FY2024 Community Benefit Grant Partners

Meet Our FY2024 Community Benefit Grant Partners

Partners Help Address Community Health Needs

El Camino Health's Community Benefit Program has announced its partners for fiscal year 2024, with more than $3 million invested to address unmet health needs and improve health in our community. More than 40 partners were selected, including school districts, clinics, non-profit organizations and other agencies that provide health-related services in our area. See the complete list of partners and their programs.

El Camino Health uses information from the most recent 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) to inform the Community Benefit grant-making process, which is described in El Camino Health's annual Implementation Strategy Report and Community Benefit Plan. The CHNA is conducted every three years by El Camino Health in collaboration with other local health systems. The five health needs selected are:

  • Healthcare Access & Delivery (including oral health)
  • Behavioral Health (including domestic violence and trauma)
  • Diabetes & Obesity
  • Chronic Conditions (other than diabetes and obesity)
  • Economic Stability (including food insecurity, housing and homelessness)


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