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Partner Spotlight: Gardner Health Services' Down with Diabetes

Gardner Health Services' Provides Diabetes Supplies, Education and Guidance

Our focus on diabetes and improving access to care is well served by Community Benefit grant partner Gardner Health Services.

Gardner Health Services serves a largely Latinx population. More than 90% of their patients live below 200% of the federal poverty threshold, and many are homeless, undocumented or uninsured.

The cost of diabetes care and management can be a major barrier to better health for many of their patients. Others may be at high risk for diabetes and need education about prevention, nutrition and overall health.

To better serve this community in and around San José, the grant funds case management, supplies, and bilingual care and guidance for youth and adults with or at high risk for diabetes and prediabetes. Services are provided at Gardner Health Center, St. James Health Center and Comprecare Health Center in San José.

This grant provides:

  • Assessments
  • Nutrition and exercise prescriptive treatment plans
  • Blood tests to monitor HbA1c levels
  • Case management
  • Food vouchers, glucose monitors and an annual supply of strips
  • Educational materials and resources
  • Nutrition education workshops

See the complete list of grantees.


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