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American Heart Association's Healthy Heart Initiative

Partner Spotlight: American Heart Association's Healthy Heart Initiative

The American Heart Association is a formidable force against heart disease nationwide, as well as a sponsor of critical local programs that meet specific community needs.

The association's Healthy Hearts Initiative, an El Camino Health Community Benefit grant partner, provides vital education and services to help reduce high blood pressure in East San Jose's Mayfair community.

Established in the 1900s, Mayfair is one of the oldest neighborhoods in San Jose. It has traditionally attracted working class immigrant families who are low income, and today is home to first- and second-generation Mexican-origin families, as well as people from the Philippines, Vietnam and India.

Services provided through the SOMOS Mayfair Family Resource Centers include:

  • Screening to help identify those who need help lowering or controlling blood pressure
  • Education aimed at increasing awareness and preventing or managing hypertension
  • Workshops focusing on practical advice and real-world solutions. Our Check.Change.Control. workshops encourage participants to adopt healthy behaviors such as eating more fruits and vegetables. Participants then monitor their blood pressure to track progress over time.

Lowering blood pressure can benefit overall health in many ways, including helping to prevent heart and vascular problems that can lead to heart attack or stroke. The American Heart Association Healthy Heart Initiative's work supports reducing the impact of chronic health conditions, identified as a health need in El Camino Health's 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment.


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