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For Physicians

We’re proud of the talent and expertise of our medical staff and affiliated physicians. Together, we’re making a difference in the health and wellness of our community.
For Physicians - El Camino Hospital Building

We are distinguished by high-caliber physicians, comprehensive and innovative services, and our long history of responding to the community’s needs. It’s the expertise of physicians and Magnet nursing staff that has earned the hospital numerous honors and awards for quality care.

We’ve created a collaborative, patient-friendly environment that allows physicians to do what they do best: provide high-quality care to patients. In fact, many physicians have the education and training often associated with academic medical centers, but they choose to practice in our community setting.

Whether you’re a member of the medical staff, an affiliated physician or you’re seeking information about services for a patient, we offer a wide range of resources:

  • Access medical services. Find a specialist or get information about our services and clinical trials.
  • Medical staff. Apply for staff privileges, pay your membership fees, or update your doctor profile information.
  • News and events. Get information about upcoming events and news that’s important to physicians.
  • Physician resources. Learn about continuing medical education, how you can get engaged in hospital PR and marketing, and physician resources.

Interested in joining our team? Find out what makes El Camino Health a great place to work.

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