Health Guides for Every Life Stage

No matter what your age, managing your health is easier when you have the right information. Whether you are male or female, in your 20s or 80s, we have guides for every decade of your life to help keep you on track for living a more healthy and vibrant life. These downloadable reference guides will help you understand which tests and screenings are right for you – with customized tips tailored to your current age and sex.

Downloadable Health Tip Guides


Family Friendly Activities

6 Healthy Activities

Men and Women

Women in their 20s

Men in their 20s

Women in their 30s

Men in their 30s

Women in their 40s

Men in their 40s

Women in their 50s

Men in their 50s

Women in their 60s

Men in their 60s

Women in their 70s and beyond

Men in their 70s and beyond