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Bob Refused To Let An Aneurysm Slow Him Down

Bob Refused To Let An Aneurysm Slow Him Down

After a routine follow-up on his gall bladder procedure, Bob’s medical team identified a pair of iliac aneurysms in his lower abdomen, the result of years of high-impact activity as a collegiate and professional basketball player. Aneurysms can be life-threatening if they rupture. But with regular monitoring, they can be addressed before the situation becomes dire. “I saw a great doctor, Dr. Tej Singh who said, ‘we operate when it gets to 3 millimeters.’ Well, one of the aneurysms was at 2.7 already. So I asked Dr. Singh, ‘what are you doing next week?’” Bob recalls. He was determined to take care of the issue right away and leave nothing to chance.

Bob was calm, cool and collected about his prospects for vascular surgery. He remembers, “I had a lot of confidence in the doctors. Dr. Singh had another well-respected doctor assisting him. The surgery itself went very well.” After the procedure, Dr. Singh came to check on his patient. He gave Bob and his wife Kay his cellphone number and told them to call for any reason, no matter the time of day. Thankfully, they didn’t need to call, but knowing it was an option gave them great comfort. Bob stayed in the hospital for a couple of nights, a common occurrence for procedures like his. He got great care during his stay, and as he says, “Everything has been fine for eight years now.”

Bob Refused To Let An Aneurysm Slow Him Down | El Camino Health

Bob Refused To Let An Aneurysm Slow Him Down

Bob looks back on his experience with El Camino Hospital fondly. “We’re both proactive in our healthcare. And if it bursts, you had better be in the right place. So for me, it was an easy decision. I didn’t really see it as a choice.” Bob adds with a smile, “My wife and I think this is the best hospital for us in this area. I’ve always had great care from everyone there.”

Bob thinks the key to good health is staying ahead of the situation. “Be proactive. A lot of people have health issues and sort of ignore them. You have to be proactive. You have one life, so you can’t ignore things,” he says.

Bob and Kay are making the most of life. They find happiness in spending time with their daughter, three sons and eight grandchildren. Bob also enjoys working out and playing golf several times a week. It makes for a busy schedule, but knowing his health is in good hands, he’s taking advantage of everything life has to offer. “We’re eating good food and drinking good wine. It’s a great lifestyle,” Bob says with a smile.