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Dr. William Faber

Chief Medical Officer Elevates Healthcare Quality and Value

Moving across the country for a job always comes with a few hurdles to clear: relocating to a new home, navigating a new community and its providers, and learning the culture of a new workplace.In August 2016, Dr. William Faber took all of this in stride as he joined El Camino Hospital as Chief Medical Officer.

“What drew me to El Camino Hospital was the strong sense of commitment to values that align with my own. El Camino Hospital is committed to quality and transparency,” says Dr. Faber. He is eager to leverage those values, along with his 20 years of senior leadership, national healthcare experience, and a desire to build an even stronger culture of safety throughout all levels of the organization. “When there is a problem, we will admit it. I want to help build a culture where anyone can raise their hand to speak up in order to improve,” he explains. Since starting, Dr. Faber has committed himself to improving the patient’s experience by working with his colleagues to make organization-wide enhancements in safety.

Outside of hospital walls, Dr. Faber has been observing the increased consumerism that healthcare organizations have faced. Patients have looked more closely at the value of their healthcare providers, as higher deductible insurance plans have become the norm. Dr. Faber is concerned about simple things that keep patients comfortable and satisfied: Are the hallways quiet? Are we responding in a timely manner? Is the bill correct? Are patients treated with respect and courtesy? “Silicon Valley is a competitive market. That’s why we need to continually give high quality care with great service while offering affordable options for our customers.”

In his role at El Camino Hospital, Dr. Faber feels that it is a privilege to serve the needs of Silicon Valley, while maintaining the hospital’s commitment to providing comprehensive care to the community.  On a personal level, Dr. Faber has always been dedicated to serving patients. “I’ve wanted to be a doctor since I was a small boy," he says. "And now, I feel so privileged to improve care on a wider scale than I can in the exam room alone.” With his energy and optimism, Dr. Faber looks to the opportunities that lie ahead at El Camino Hospital.