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El Camino Hospital Media Releases

El Camino Hospital and "Nurse Barb" Announce Television and Social Media Collaboration

Mountain View, CA - August 29, 2011 - El Camino Hospital and Nurse Barb, a nationally recognized health expert, author and nurse practitioner at the hospital's Mountain View campus, announced an educational collaboration to provide consumers with information on medical breakthroughs and other important health information.

The agreement includes development of a televised health series, (airing on CBS's KPIX-5 beginning September 14, 2011) featuring health-related topics from orthopedics to breast cancer, heart disease and urology.

The Nurse Barb/El Camino Hospital segments also leverage growing social media such as blogging, tweeting and posting. El Camino Hospital's social media presence has garnered nearly 4,000 Facebook and Twitter fans and followers and has produced 80 YouTube videos, but this is its first foray into promoting health content with a recognized social media celebrity.

"Our partnership with Nurse Barb allows us to better serve our community by communicating timely information about important advances in the medical field," said Chris Ernst, senior director of marketing and corporate communications for El Camino Hospital. "Nurse Barb is exceptionally gifted in both medical science and communications--she not only can explain complicated health matters in a straightforward, easy-to-grasp and friendly manner, but she helps us reach out to patients online, where so many look for health information. Most importantly, we can take them behind the scenes to exciting new healthcare developments happening every day at El Camino."

Through her partnership with El Camino Hospital and KPIX, Nurse Barb brings her audience information often not available to the general public, connecting audiences with high science translated to accessible medicine, and bringing high acuity care into the living rooms of viewers and followers. As a nurse at El Camino Hospital, she shares an insider's view of truly remarkable medical innovations and technology happening behind the scenes. For example, viewers will see incredible high def/3D images used to guide minimally invasive surgery, diagnostic imaging that locates microscopic abnormalities, and the latest in robotic surgery used for everything from tumor removal to correcting gynecological conditions. She'll explain personalized medicine that identifies an individual's unique genetic traits, and talk about the most advanced cardiovascular treatments--Nurse Barb will put viewers at the frontlines of healthcare.

Over a career of more than 20 years, Nurse Barb has helped countless families navigate from pregnancy to menopause and beyond. She also has served as a valued expert on a wider range of health topics--from heart disease to osteoporosis and joint problems.

"This unique partnership with El Camino Hospital helps me reach out to our patient community," said Barb Dehn, RN, MS, NP, known to her patients as "Nurse Barb." "I've had an inside view of the exciting innovations taking place within the hospital's walls, and now I can share the latest developments with thousands of television and internet viewers."

The five-minute TV segments are available on KPIX-TV Channel 5, airing beginning Wednesday, September 14, 2011. They also can be viewed on the KPIX web site, the site. Additional tips, health quizzes and other related content will also be posted on the hospital's Facebook and Twitter accounts.