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El Camino Hospital and Nurses' Union Reach Three-Year Contract Agreement

 November 10, 2016 – El Camino Hospital announced today Board of Directors approval of a new three-year agreement with the Professional Resources for Nurses (PRN) Union that will increase wages every year for the next three years. PRN represents 1,235 nurses working at El Camino Hospital. Eighty percent of voting PRN members ratified the new contract on October 28. The nurses will receive wage increases totaling 10% over the next three years.
The new contract provides for a continuation of employer-paid healthcare benefits, increased maximum certification reimbursement, an enhanced benefit for nurses with over 20 years of service at El Camino Hospital and other improvements nurses indicated were important to them. The agreement also includes the establishment of a PRN-El Camino Hospital Leadership Committee which will work on promotion, development and enhancement of the nursing profession.
“This contract is the result of collaborative, good faith bargaining between the parties and a willingness to come to an agreement that is in everyone’s best interests,” said Cheryl Reinking, RN, MS, NEA-BC, chief nursing officer of El Camino Hospital. “We appreciate our dedicated nurses and recognize the critical role they play in providing high quality care.”