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El Camino Hospital Invests $3.3 Million in Community Health Programs

June 30, 2016 – The El Camino Hospital Community Benefit Grant Program will invest $3.3 million in organizations committed to improving the health of the community’s most vulnerable populations in fiscal year 2017. This year’s investment is nearly a half a million dollar increase from the previous year and enables the hospital to fund a larger number of programs which create access to healthcare, provide mental health services and support other community health initiatives.
“The El Camino Hospital Board of Directors approval to provide record-high funding this year is a testament to the hospital’s commitment to improving the health and well-being of our community,” said Tomi Ryba, president and chief executive officer of El Camino Hospital. “Our Community Benefit grantees are integral partners in creating a healthier community.”
Earlier this year, El Camino Hospital published the

(CHNA) to identify the most critical health needs of the community. The triennial assessment is the result of a multi-year evaluation of the health of the community served by the hospital. Identified health needs from the CHNA were mapped to three priority areas: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, and Healthy Community.

FY17 Community Benefit Grant Funding
The Community Benefit Grant Program is allocating funding to programs that address at least one of the three priority areas. Healthy Body grants include school nurse programs, orthodontic services for foster youth, school-based nutrition and physical activity programs, eye exams and glasses for low-income children, case management, and medical support for vulnerable populations. Healthy Mind programs include mental health counseling, domestic violence programs, initiatives to reduce depression and isolation in seniors, and treatment for those with severe mental health conditions. Healthy Community grants include falls prevention and transportation programs for seniors, camps and mentoring programs for at-risk youth, and emergency food assistance for low income community members.
“Through our Community Benefit Grant Program, El Camino Hospital has the opportunity to invest in organizations with the expertise and experience to carry out meaningful work with measurable outcomes,” said Barbara Avery, director of community benefit, El Camino Hospital. “We are looking forward to building upon existing relationships and fostering new ones with our grant partners and seeing the impact that can be made.”
This year, more than $10 million has been committed to fund local programs by the Community Benefit Grant Programs of the El Camino Hospital and El Camino Healthcare District, combined. This is the largest amount approved in the programs’ histories. The Community Benefit Programs were established to make an impact on the unmet health needs of the local population. Additional information about El Camino Hospital’s Community Benefit Program is available.