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El Camino Hospital Opens Unique "Orthopedic Pavilion" at Los Gatos Campus

Los Gatos, CA - August 15, 2011 - El Camino Hospital has opened the Orthopedic Pavilion, a unique new post-surgery unit for orthopedic surgery patients at its Los Gatos campus. The facility provides a comfortable hotel-like environment for treatment and the start of rehabilitation for patients of El Camino Hospital-affiliated orthopedic surgeons.

The new facility was designed by the board-certified physicians who practice there with the goal of creating a soothing, healing environment in which various specialists coordinate the best possible care. It also provides exclusive dining and well appointed private rooms with space for a family member or guest to stay. Patients at the Pavilion have access to educational videos and print materials to prepare them in advance about what to expect.

"There's a substantial difference between the patient experience here and that in a typical hospital program," said Dr. Nicholas Colyvas, director of the shoulder surgery program at El Camino Hospital Los Gatos, and president of Orthopaedic Management Associates, which led the development of the new facility. "The Orthopedic Pavilion was designed to be friendly and accessible, with thoughtful attention given to every detail of patient care and comfort. But it is also focused on the highest quality of care. Through better coordination between all those involved with patient care, the Orthopedic Pavilion promotes faster, safer recovery. We can get people back into their active lives more quickly."

The Orthopedic Pavilion is staffed with specialty-trained rehabilitations nurses who can seamlessly help patients jumpstart rehab before leaving the facility, and arrive home confident of what they need to do to insure successful recovery. With rehabilitation space just steps away from patient rooms and the most advanced pain management protocol, rehab often begins within hours of completing surgery.

"Research shows that patients who receive physical therapy on the day of surgery have a shorter hospital stay," said Alyshia Abraham, Supervisor, Rehabilitation Services at El Camino Hospital, Los Gatos.

"Despite the extraordinary environment and care we provide, our program is no more expensive than the traditional approach," said Dr. Colyvas. "We're able to eliminate unnecessary or duplicative tests and procedures to get patients on their feet and back to their homes more quickly. Everyone benefits from this approach."

El Camino Hospital's Orthopedic Institutes at Los Gatos and Mountain View include a comprehensive range of sports medicine, arthritis treatment and joint and spine surgery. Staffed by board-certified and Fellowship-trained physicians and specialty-trained nurses, the program's size allows it offer sub-specialty expertise for every major joint and extremity, including the latest minimally invasive techniques for knee and hip replacement and spine surgery.