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El Camino Hospital Showcases Live Demonstrations at VIVA

Mountain View, CA - October 15, 2010 - Cutting-edge procedures offer improved options for patients with complex vascular disease.

For: Health, Science, Medical and Technology Reporters

What: Observe firsthand groundbreaking minimally invasive and hybrid treatments that offer new hope for patients with previously "untreatable and advanced" vascular disease

Where: El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, CA, will be broadcasting live via satellite to over 2000 cardiologists attending the 2010 VIVA (Vascular Interventional Advances) conference in Las Vegas.

When: October 19, 20, 21, 2010 throughout the day.

Description: El Camino Hospital is one of only five centers worldwide providing live demonstration cases for VIVA, the largest annual medical education event for heart and vascular specialists. Dr. James Joye, Director of Research for the hospital's Heart and Vascular Institute, will oversee numerous minimally invasive procedures addressing vascular, aneurysms, carotid and renal intervention cases. Live case demonstrations will show hybrid procedures, Cryoplasty, the latest stent technology and limb salvage, with simultaneous commentary from expert panelists in Las Vegas and questions from the physician audience all connected via Laptop Learning. Many of these cases are so challenging because of their complexity that they've previously been labeled "untreatable."

Join Dr. Joye inside El Camino Hospital's Cath Lab (space available basis), or view the procedures from an area just outside. Or, join attendees at the VIVA conference in Las Vegas.

Why: The procedures being demonstrated showcase the most advanced interventional and hybrid techniques and technology available to address extensive vascular disease, aneurysms, renal and carotid artery disease, and complex peripheral vascular disease (PVD). These conditions are increasingly prevalent in an aging population beset with diabetes and obesity and never has it been more imperative that physicians learn more about how to manage and treat them. VIVA also provides an extraordinary look at the newest technology and the current state of interventional cardiology, including real time feedback from participants via Laptop Leaning and connectivity to all attendees onsite that will reveal what they consider to be best practices.