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El Camino Hospital Successfully Reaches Agreement with Aetna on Terms of Contract

Mountain View, CA - December 30, 2010 - El Camino Hospital and Aetna today announced that it has successfully reached a resolution regarding the terms of its Contracting Hospital Agreement. The two organizations came to an agreement on a fair and equitable reimbursement rate for the care El Camino Hospital provides to patients covered under the Aetna health plan. As a result of these discussions, Aetna patients will be able to continue to choose El Camino Hospital for their medical care after December 31, 2010, when the contract had been scheduled to expire.

"The multi-year agreement we have reached with Aetna ensures that patients will continue to have the choice of receiving care at El Camino Hospital and that we will be reimbursed for that care at a fair rate," said Kenneth D. Graham, president and chief executive officer of El Camino Hospital. "We are pleased to have reached a positive resolution with Aetna, and one that will continue to benefit our physicians and patients by emphasizing high-quality care."

"This agreement reflects the genuine commitment both parties have had in negotiating an agreement that is in the best interest of all concerned. El Camino Hospital is an integral part of Aetna's group of health care providers, and we are very happy that it remains a part of our network," said Brendhan Green, Aetna's vice president of network management for Northern California.