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Margie's Story: Delivering Joy

After spending the last 26 years as a Labor and Delivery nurse at El Camino Hospital, and a mother to six children who were all born at El Camino Hospital, Margie experienced a birth unlike any other.  Though her first granddaughter was born at another area hospital, Margie participated in her daughter’s labor as a second support coach and was very hands on during the birthing process.

Her daughter had a midwife who performed the actual delivery, but Margie was there from when her daughter first went into labor to Joy’s birth.  The new grandmother cut the umbilical cord, dried and stimulated Joy and put her skin-to-skin with her daughter.  Initially, Joy was not as interested in nursing but instead just looked up at her mom with the most adoring expression, according to Margie.

“The nurses at the hospital recognized me as a colleague and were extremely collaborative.  I did many of the things I normally do during the birthing process.  In fact, the evening nurse and I were practically finishing each other’s sentences toward the end.   I am always grateful to share one of the most intimate experiences in a young family’s life but sharing it with my daughter and son-in-law is something I will never forget.”  Margie told little Joy, “You are absolutely perfect and I get to watch you grow up!”

At one part during her daughter’s labor, Margie told her, “Now you see what I do every day” to which her daughter replied, “Yeah, wow!”   Her daughter’s recommendation to her three sisters was “Make sure you have mom in the delivery room with you when you have a baby.  It really helps!”