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El Camino Hospital Media Releases

"Nurse Barb" Talks About Breast Cancer

Mountain View, CA - October 12, 2011 - The October episode of "Nurse Barb's Daily Dose" offers practical advice about breast screening, breast cancer, and the latest technology for breast cancer detection and treatment. The five-minute segment airs tonight on CBS5 (KPIX-TV) at 7:22 p.m., after Eye on the Bay.

The program features Nurse Barb, a nationally recognized health expert, author and nurse practitioner at the hospital's Mountain View campus, providing consumers with information on medical breakthroughs and other important health information.

This month's topic includes information about the new High Risk services available at El Camino Hospital for women with dense breasts and other high risk factors for breast cancer. Dense-breasted women have a four-times-higher risk of breast cancer, and ordinary mammograms may not reveal their tumors. Proper screening and prevention is especially important for this group.

The segment features an interview with Dr. Jessie Jacob, director of breast imaging and intervention at El Camino Hospital, who explains the latest technology that improves the ability to detect cancer in dense breasts at an earlier, curable stage. According to Dr. Jacob, a high percentage of Asian women have dense breasts.

All Nurse Barb TV segments will be available on the CBS5 (KPIX-TV) website, the site and at Additional tips, health quizzes and other related content will also be posted on the hospital's Facebook and Twitter accounts.