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Brendan's Hip Replacement Surgery

One Patient's Experience With Hip Replacement Surgery and His Surprisingly Simple Path to Recovery

Every year in the United States approximately 450,000 Americans undergo hip replacement surgery. And in 2020, Brendan was one of them.

Brendan wasn't a newcomer to the procedure; seven years earlier he’d had his left hip replaced, but he was still understandably nervous about repeating the experience with his right hip. Brendan suffers from arthritis, and he wanted to find a way to get back to all the activities he enjoyed, like golfing. It was time to find the right doctor.

"I was referred to Dr. Page at El Camino Health by a good friend who’d undergone the same procedure with him, and she just raved about him," said Brendan. "I knew I wanted to use El Camino Health for this surgery no matter the doctor — that was already decided. This has been my local hospital for years and five of my eight children were born here."

James Page, MD, is part of El Camino Health's orthopedic care team, and he specializes in hip, knee and shoulder replacement surgeries. He was ready to help Brendan get back to living life free of hip pain — but not without the proper preparation before the surgery. Brendan felt that what really set Dr. Page apart were his strict preparation protocols and willingness to slow down and listen to his concerns.

"A lot of the time, when you go see a doctor, they only spend five or ten minutes with you, but Dr. Page will take half an hour if he needs to just to make sure he hears you out and covers all your questions," said Brendan.

Brendan has high blood pressure, so to decrease any potential risks, Dr. Page encouraged him to delay the surgery. Brendan was initially nervous about this approach, but Dr. Page worked closely with him to monitor and lower his blood pressure over a period of several months until they both felt it was safe to move forward.

"The surgery itself was much easier than I expected, even during a pandemic," reported Brendan. "My care team took every precaution when it came to cleanliness and masks. It all felt very normal, and no one was panicking. They really made me feel at ease."

Brendan reported that he enjoyed his experience with not only Dr. Page, but his entire care team. From registration through being released to go home, the team was responsive and thorough every step of the way.

"Everyone I interacted with was personable, caring and they kept my spirits up. Sometimes in other hospitals, people may not seem like they're enjoying themselves, but every staff member I met had such a great outlook, and it was contagious. It made me feel good about being there, and it made me feel safe."

Roughly six weeks after surgery, Brendan reported he was already back to golfing and walking short distances. While there’s more work to do in his recovery, his path is looking bright.

"After my last hip replacement surgery, it took almost a year to get back up to speed and feel good again. But with this experience, I feel close to normal again already," said Brendan. "I think I owe my quick recovery to Dr. Page and his careful protocols."

According to Brendan, his hardworking care team has also been a big contributor to his success in recovery. Not only is he back to golfing, Brendan is also walking at least three miles a day and has opened his own microbakery, where he spends some of his free time baking bread. He's already shared a few tasty creations with his El Camino Health care team as a heartfelt thank you.